Institutional Supporters

Are you an organisation such as a consumer or environmental NGO, academia or a national energy agency? Your visible support of the “I prefer 30°” campaign will help raise awareness and educate consumers.

As an Institutional Supporter, you allow A.I.S.E. and/or its national associations to use your institution’s name/logo in its final communications toolkit. You commit to make optimal use of the toolkit to which you have free access. You also commit to the legal commitments and responsibilities of this category but have no obligation to finance the initiative.

If you have been a campaign partner for Wave 1, you can extend your partnership simply by sending an Email to A.I.S.E. New partners can also express their interest to join the campaign by sending an Email to A.I.S.E. 

All partners are also invited to read the project description of I Prefer 30, as this is a useful summary of the project and the different partnerships offered.