Why prefer 30°?

Did you know that the average wash temperature in Europe is 41°? Washing at 30°, or simply lowering machine temperatures, has many benefits: next to getting excellent cleaning results it helps fight climate change and protect the environment, it’s good for people’s clothes and their electricity bills.The “I prefer 30°” campaign is an initiative of the detergent industry that aims to raise awareness for these benefits and get consumers to lower their wash temperatures. The campaign calls on all industry players and related partners, to help spread the word. Want to know more?

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Together, we can encourage people to adapt their washing habits, especially in terms of using lower temperatures, by explaining why this initiative is a win/win for all - it cuts CO2 emissions and helps protect the planet, keep clothes looking better for longer and reduces electricity bills.

A.I.S.E., through detergent companies, is running a consumer engagement campaign to promote low temperature washing. Initiated in 2013, the campaign has been running in the following countries, with the support of A.I.S.E.’s national associations:
Belgium (DETIC/Essencia), Denmark (SPT), France (Afise), Italy (Assocasa) and United Kingdom (UKCPI). This initiative is being extended till the end of 2016 in BE, FR, DK and the UK. 

If the average wash temperature was to be reduced by just 3 degrees, that would save more than 1065 GWH, equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 140,000 inhabitants!

Developed together with Saatchi & Saatchi around the slogan “I prefer 30°”, this campaign has been deployed to consumers in a specific time window (Wave 1: January-October 2014), based on a communications toolkit centrally produced and available via a password protected area to the campaign partners. The campaign is now being extended till the end of 2016 (Wave 2: January-December 2016). The campaign toolkit contains among others: The campaign logo, web banners, print advertising materials, leaflet, guidance for point of sale use as well as the official translation for the material. A specific consumer portal is also available in the different languages of the campaign (and will complement the current www.cleanright.eu consumer information site of the detergent industry sector).

The toolkit is made available to other potential partners in related industries (e.g. textile, appliance industry, retailers) as well as other relevant stakeholders (e.g. consumer and environment NGOs, national energy agencies), based on the campaign design guidelines. Detergent companies as well as additional partners are invited to complement the core campaign by using the communications toolkit through their own communication channels.

“I prefer 30°” is also keen to work with Ambassadors. Those are individuals selected by A.I.S.E. or its national associations, on the basis that they would have a link or an interest in driving further the sustainability profile of household laundry detergents products in the context of this campaign.

 “I prefer 30°” presentation: